Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm baaaaaack!!

Well as many of you know I had to take a hiatus...just waaaaay too much was going on in my life including a cross country move AGAIN! To those of you who didn't know I apologize!

Well I have decide to take this blog to another level. I'll be including lots of different things. Of course my first loves (outside of God and family) are scrapbooking, photography and of course CUPCAKES!! But I also like to sew and have been getting into couponing. I started out of necessity...but you know what!!?? This is FUN...roflol...whodathunk, right!!!

So with that said, if you haven't been to Penny Pinching Diva's NEED to!! Run, do NOT walk...and tell her Michelle sent you!


  1. Good for you on deciding to up the ante on your blog level! Yep, Penny Pinching Diva is like my guru for all things coupon, so welcome to the club...LOL!

  2. uhhhh uhhhn looove this place (heeeheee)! Great job as usual! love ya


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